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Cloud is the limit out in the .Space


Security and Trust is the Key

J Commerce Technologies Pvt Ltd is founded and incorporated on the Seventh of January 2021 under the companies Act, 2013(18 of 2013). We JCommerce started working on Projects from September 2020 based on the Virtual Intelligence concept with no face-to-face interaction and preferred Email Communications for exchanging the requirement through our official emails id’s. We have a unique strategy for executing our projects and will be submitting a detailed case study to authorities after every project. J Commerce technology deals with better communication with its IT partners, entrepreneurs, clients, customers through emails, websites, blogs, WhatsApp messages, Zoom/Google Meetings & other social network platforms which leads to a strong public signature.


Quality testing Lab for ecommerce

Virtual Test Box

We Jcommerce associate with high quality test professionals to ensure the quality of your e-commerce product. We are a team of E-commerce specialists, Digital Security Experts, Charted Accountants, Digital Analysts. Our team provide solutions for all your e-business concerns. No matter from which location your business runs, Virtual Intelligence team certify your products after quality check. Test your ecommerce business features with our specialized ecommerce professionals and get certified from our legal experts. Know our services and Get Started with us!


Enjoy Best Sellers when you subscribe

ReadnSell is an ecommerce Platform to sell new and second-hand books in various languages, across Globe from the comfort of your home. READ N SELL platform is owned and marketed by JCOMMERCE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED hereinafter referred to as “JCOMMERCE”. “READ N SELL” helps registered vendors to sell used books to buyers online (“Online Services”) by enabling vendors to create and build their online store account on “READ N SELL”. What makes READ N SELL special is the extremely large collection of books across many of genres in multiple languages. We enable the premium security features to make your shopping secure and safe. ReadnSell will be first collaborative selling platform for the readers and sellers.


Free cloud storage for Small-Scale Business

Building and maintaining an ecommerce site is expensive for small scale-business and farmers who sells good quality products. We Jcommerce is introducing a platform for the seller to sell their quality products via online. This free cloud storage will be a real boon for the small-scale business. Start register as vendor in and sell your products. Reach us at

Our name Dravidamala means the “The chain of Dravidians”. We as a team focus on building small-scale and digital entrepreneurs to sell their high-quality products.

Get Started…

Get Started


Locate your Business N’ Brand

TagnSell is a great way to locate your business to sell and offer deals. We offer complimentary digital marketing service for the business to help boost brand awareness. TagnSell business model is unique compared to others, in our platform you can locate your business for free, yet require business owners to pay for digital branding services based on different marketing packages in easy steps or in a one click away. The emap business model is great to build trust with the business located and to boost brand awareness. Locate for free is our strategy and digital Branding is our service. TagnSell will be using the most popular business/social media platform for marketing and branding the products. Our model ensures to get the right audience through our digital analytics team. We use various business analytics approach to generate the business revenue and will help selling or finding the buyers. Market your business now in a highly professional way.



Locate your Business N’ Deal

TagnDeal is an innovative product for all the deals you locate in TagnSell. We offer free digital marketing for the business to assist with discovering buyers and sell their products in quickest mode.

TagnDeal business model is unique. In our platform you can tag your business for free in and can move your items by choosing the selling classification "TagnDeal", yet require the vendors to pay service charges dependent on the category you select in TagnSell.

Free deal below 1000 INR is an added feature that one can deal and sell their items which is less expensive.

This Google map business model is great to build trust with our business located and deal with the genuine buyers. Locate for free is our strategy and digital Marketing is our service. Market your business now in a highly professional way.

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